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Pointing Labs Bred For Versatility!

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 Welcome to JLPointingLabs!
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Tess an 11 week old pup out of Sophie/Monte...this was her first experience with carded birds in the field!

 This is the reason we love what we do! This is a 9 week old pup out of Sally/George, owned by the Bond Family holding a point on a quail wing at 9 weeks old!


We are a small breeder with a love for the versatility that only the pointing lab can offer!

For those of you that may not be familiar with Pointing Labs I would like to address a couple of the questions I often get concerning them.


The Pointing Lab

What exactly is a Pointing Lab? As a breeder of this amazing dog I get asked this question or something along those lines each and everyday. Now I am not sure if this is because the information concerning pointing labs just isn’t there or if it is because more and more people are looking into buying a pointing lab. Whatever the case may be I feel the need to discuss exactly what makes a Pointing Lab tick.


Pointing Labs are just like a traditional Labrador except they also possess the “natural instinct” to point. If you are at all familiar with Labrador Retriever’s you will know that they are an extraordinary breed as is because of there versatility. Labrador Retrievers are used for a variety of purposes and just to name a few these include: seeing eye dogs, drug sniffing dogs, search and rescue dogs, and etc. the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder why they are the most popular breed in the United States. These dogs possess so many great qualities that you just can’t find in any other breed, but in my opinion it is their natural intelligence and instinctive eagerness to please that draws so many people to own one of these amazing animals.

A Pointing Lab still has all of these great characteristics but they also point. This is what separates them from every other gun dog out there. With a Pointing Lab you can go hunt waterfowl in the morning, followed by an afternoon of upland hunting, while still having a great family dog at the end of the day. To my knowledge there really isn’t another breed out there that can do what a Pointing Lab can do. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there are those select few from different breeds that possess the intelligence and the ability to do all of these things but as a breed most just can’t compete with the Pointing Labs.

Following all of this I usually get asked where the Pointing Labs came from or exactly how it came about; something along those lines. The Pointing Lab came about after a couple breeders started to notice that their Labrador Retriever would point. After noticing this these breeders selectively bred their dogs to keep the trait alive and after years of doing this we now have several different bloodlines of Pointing Labs. It was through this careful and selective breeding that we now have our Pointing Lab of today.

I really hope that this helps answer a few questions for those of you that maybe aren’t all that familiar with the Pointing Lab, but if you should have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer any question you may have.


JL Pointing Labs

Leonard Johnson III, Owner
(785) 443-3943
440 N Riddle

Colby KS 67701